Free Sample Pack : "Dead" Monotron

i turned up the unit to record it for some other reason , since the batteries we're runnig out i record it the how's batteries "dying" not the unit , very intresting sounds , i chopped some intresting pieces , original wave file is included for other choices , recorded throught fostex dmt-8vl mixer then to focusrite saffire susb 6 card (noise is from the unit itself, battery issue)

About Monotron :

The monotron – Analog synthesis returns,
in the legendary KORG tradition

Powered by two alkaline AAA batteries, the compact monotron can be held in one hand. Although small enough to easily carry with you, the amazing monotron is packed with KORG's legendary analog technology, generating thick and powerful sounds. Concentrating on the most important sound parameters, the controls have been streamlined as much as possible. The panel contains only five knobs and one switch. With this level of simplicity, now anyone can easily enjoy the world of analog synthesizers.

all wav files(download) are 44.1 KHZ , Stereo .

Enjoy !!!

Alavux - Octagon EP Debut 12" (Bass Agenda Records)

Out Now! Alavux - Octagon // 6 track vinyl + 3 digital bonus tracks With a discography spanning over 40 releases on labels such as DJ Godfather's legendary 'Twilight 76', Vegim's 'tmmr' and Roman Zawodny's 'UKR' Alavux makes his third appearance on Bass Agenda Recordings at the pinnacle of the evolution of his cutting edge electro techno hybrid sound… Limited to 250 copies worldwide. Available direct from Bandcamp and soon from stores such as Juno and Distributed by MSR Distro (Vienna), Forget what you know, it will soon be destroyed by an Octagon shaped sonic-boom. The future is now.

Debut vinyl announcement

The world is not ready for this....but we're going to let it out of it's cage anyway.....debut vinyl from ALAVUX....more info soon....
Posted by Bass Agenda on Thursday, 16 July 2015

Heklanje #6 - Alavux Guest Mix

01.Alavux - 003 01 X LunarBase 003

02.Alavux - 01x Lunar Base 008

03.Alavux - 01x Lunar Base 007

04.Alavux - Mond

05.Alavux - Coitus 003 (Subagitatio) 

06.Alavux - Street Slumber

07.Alavux - Ambience 

08.Alavux - Flux

09.Alavux - Bondage

10.Alavux - Hg

11.Alavux - 01X Lunar Base 011

12.Alavux - Cycle 

13.Alavux - Okta

14.DIB - Ontaku 003 (Alavux Rmx)

15.Alavux - Soft Taste

16.Alavux - Onaj Momenat

Released : Alavux - Herbst EP [TMMR 153]

Alavux - Herbst EP
RELEASE DATE 2015-04-24
LABELS Take More Music Records

Free Release : V / A - Don't Stop Da Bass vol​.​3

Free Release Alert ! Incl. Dark Vektor​ Amper Clap​ & Bandit ! Some Fresh Electro Sound ! Small Threat for ortodox easter ;) Have a nice day ! 



 At 3 years after the Original version, which appears on the first of the three projects Otaku by DIB, here is the design DIB Otaku 003 Remixes. 
The EP consists of four tracks produced by just four of the most representative artists of the label, it expresses in synthesis the sounds of that label ranging from minimal to tech house, deep from the syncopated techno and industrial, where the sequencer and groove are always the relevant part of the tracks

ARTISTS Giovanni Pasquariello, Alavux, Labbratek, Banjhaman, DIB
RELEASE DATE 2015-04-03
LABELS Cieli Di Orione